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A week-long “life changing” experience for 90+ young adults who are in the early stages of their career to develop leadership skills. It is an intensive time of nonstop activity and interaction. Participants research current issues and seek solutions through debate and planning and is a rewarding week of teamwork.

When the #Rotary Club of Beecroft told me that #RYLA would be life-changing, I never thought this week-long camp would have this much of an impact on me. I truly wish that everyone could experience this journey of immeasurable personal growth.

Over a dozen speakers taught us powerful lessons of leadership by telling their unique stories. We learnt about the various qualities of a leader, the hurdles that we'll face as a leader and how to tackle them.

We faced real life leadership challenges that we could never dream of. We participated in activities that expanded our worldviews and challenged our thinking.

We were challenged in every aspect, as individuals and as a team. We weren’t afraid of exposing each other’s weaknesses and limitations, encouraging growth wherever possible.

I loved RYLA because I learned priceless lessons, made amazing friends and reached a new level of confidence in myself as a leader.” By Ben Jepsen

youth ryla

Rotary is involved and sponsors some great YOUTH SERVICE PROGRAMS throughout the year. Our objective within Youth Service is to prepare our youth - all young people up to the age of 30 - for a world of challenges and opportunities.  By improving their life skills, we hope to help them achieve a better future, while recognising the diversity of their individual needs. Here is just a brief view of some of the wonderful services Rotary can provide.

ROTARY YOUTH SERVICE PROJECTS take many forms around the world.  Rotarians sponsor athletic teams, centres for disabled children, school safety patrols, summer camps, orphanages, recreation areas, safe driving clinics, county fairs, child-care centres, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops and children's hospitals.  Many clubs provide vocational counselling, establish youth employment programs

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