OUR MEMBER of the MONTH of APRIL 2020 is.........

Madeleine joined our Rotary Club on the 20th November 2018, her family’s 4th generation Rotarian!

Madeleine Sherwood was quickly recognised for her expertise and nominated to the board for 2019-2020 as the Clubs Secretary.

She was the smiley face that greeted us for our Monday night Rotary meetings and now hosts our zoom meetings. Madeleine stepped up to the plate as the Beecroft “Carols on the Village Green” project coordinator and leader of the Carols Committee. We had ourselves a very organised and successful Carols 2019!

Madeleine also connected with our Youth Programs RYLA ( Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. Madeleine also accepted the position as one of the facilitators at the RYPEN Summer Camp, February 2020 Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment. As a consequence of her hard work and contribution Madeleine felt very honoured when she was invited by Rotary Youth Service ( our 5th Avenue of Service) to attend the one week workshop in Sydney with RYLA OCEANIA.

Madeleine stepped it up a notch again and got elected as a Director of Volunteers for our new Community Project “ Virtual Neighbours” as part of this team of members Maddy was involved writing the training program for this initiative!

Your scope of works in such a very short time makes you so very deserving of the title as MEMBER OF THE MONTH!

Congratulations Madeleine Sherwood

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